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Taking time out to be more productive

On many an occasion, when I have submitted an annual leave request I have done so with a sense of guilt. Worried that I will appear to be lazy, uncommitted, and disinterested to my manager.

Having just returned from a rather lovey holiday, I am reflecting this mindset and am very aware it needs to shift. Now I am back at my desk I am taking on tasks with efficiency, am enjoying time with peers, have a great sense of perspective and am feeling really motivated.

Seeing the benefits of a break, I am questioning where holiday guilt stems from. It is known that holidays are part of a good work life balance and achieving a good work life balance makes us more productive, motivated and improves mental and physical health.

So, next time you put in a request for annual leave, remember you are putting in a request to make you a happier, healthier, and more productive employee. Where is the guilt in that!

Happy holidaying!

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