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Procrastination station

Today is ‘fight procrastination day’! Who would have thought there was a day to encourage we stop putting off to tomorrow what can be done today.

I envy anyone who hasn’t looked at their ‘to do’ list and decided rather than working merrily through it that they would go and make a cup of tea or indulge in a little doom scrolling. But as no one ever feels better after a little procrastination, why do we do it?

There are lots of reasons we put things off and one of the reasons can be we just don’t know where to start. A project can feel a little big, overwhelming, or doesn’t sit comfortably in our skill set so gets bumped down the list.

At Vivari we recognise we don’t have the answers to everything and are not the experts of all, but we are very lucky to have a deep network of very talented and knowledgeable NHS stakeholders who we can reach out to for the know how to get that project off our ‘to do’ lists.

If you have a project that you just don’t know how to start or progress, get in touch. We might not have the answer, but we are sure we will know someone who will….

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