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One of the few benefits to drop out of the pandemic has been the prolific increase in remote education, accessing high quality educational resources has never been easier.

Podcasts are routinely listened to, virtual courses attended, webinars viewed and on-demand presentations accessed at the drop of a hat.

Whilst in person courses are resuming, along with congress and exhibitions for clinicians (and there are no arguments that face-to-face meetings have been missed), it is widely accepted and reported that the place for online education is here to stay.

This thirst for online resources amongst the healthcare professional community is why Vivari have created the Learning Lounge.

The Vivari Learning Lounge is an online community of over 35,000 UK based healthcare professionals who are accessing a variety of resources to support their clinical practice.

To understand how working with the Learning Lounge can help you access and educate your target audience, get in touch today:

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