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Professional Relations Management : In house or outsource?

The role of professional relations management is one that has even greater significance today when healthcare professionals’ time is stretched to unprecedented levels.

Building meaningful long lasting relationships with opinion leaders and influencers shouldn’t be left to chance.

Ensuring longevity in these partnerships provides security to pharma knowing that these key customers will remain engaged at strategic and brand level for a long time and for the customers themselves long term relationships with a single point of contact are an efficient way for them to engage.

So do you manage your professional relations in house or outsource to a specialist company?

The perception is often that by employing someone in house to fulfil this key function the relationship stays within the organisation itself when in fact the reality is that the relationship rests with individuals who may leave the organisation and take that relationship with them (perhaps even to a competitor organisation).

Commissioning a professional relations service from a specialist organisation ensures that relationships endure, irrespective of restructures, reorganisations, career progressions, retirement, parental leave of those employed directly by the client company.

Here at Vivari we provide specialist professional relations management that ensures consistent long-term partnerships with key influencers who are happy to engage with us on behalf of pharmaceutical organisations knowing that our collaborations are consistent and future proof.

A simple solution that works for all. If you would like to discuss how Vivari can help you with professional relations management and advocacy development please get in touch.

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