The importance of building relationships to innovate in primary care

The importance of building relationships to innovate in primary care

For example, as new models of care come in to play, building and maintaining relationships between the following groups will be necessary:

  • Patients and the professional will be important to enable a multidisciplinary team to proactively manage patient care and free up GP time by allowing the most appropriate team member at that time to manage treatment
  • Between healthcare professionals, as a community team approach is taken to manage patient cases, it is imperative to patient engagement that they feel team members are talking between themselves and proactively managing their care

  • Between healthcare professionals and their communities as healthcare professionals work to understand how they can most effectively offer healthcare services to their local population
  • With more emphasis shifting to a team and holistic approach to patient care, the number of influential stakeholders for any given therapy area will grow and considerations widen beyond the walls of a GP practice.

How can the pharmaceutical industry support the NHS in this time and how can they work to move away from traditional models of product promotion and truly engage with all the stakeholders within the community team?

Stakeholder engagement is key to the NHS – do you have your plans in place?