Stakeholder engagement in a ever changing NHS

Watching this video, I was reminded of how important stakeholder engagement is.

Working in the healthcare arena, our customer group is ever changing. Although filmed only last year, things have already evolved, and the photo of Jeremy Hunt rather than Matt Hancock makes me wonder how things are going to change further within the NHS under a new Secretary of State.

When things are changing so rapidly, staying close to NHS stakeholders who are driving strategy and implementation is key for anyone working in the healthcare industry who wants to develop relevant solutions for the NHS and in turn drive brand growth.

In addition to being ever changing, our customer group is diverse and decisions about our products are made by an increasingly complex group of stakeholders.

Although I was already aware of this, reviewing the animation it reminded me of just how important it is to really understand all the stakeholders who will influence decisions on your brand at both a national and local level to enable results to be delivered by focusing resource on the right people.

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